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Pleasure Vibrations on LA Weekly's Best Albums of 2003 List

Audio Revolution  - "Seksu Roba's Sukho Lee is a virtuoso theremin player and his use of this distinct instrument adds a level of style and flair that sets the band apart from the countless number of groups in the genre."

LA Weekly  - "The lounge-y techno trips of this duo have a soundtracky quality that makes you wonder about the images that inspire them. But Seksu Roba's sci-fi psychedelica is less the imaginary background to a particular visual and more a blend of pop-culture atmospherics. Theremin, mini-Moog and micro-processed rhythms create a cartoonlike world where Barbarella-ish babes bump booties with fluorescent-haired, Liquid Sky - damaged boy-bots, X-ed-out candy ravers and sophisticated Euro/electro-trash types. Their new release, Pleasure Vibrations, oozes with spacy coolness, but it's also exotic and (in the context of synthy art tarts like Peaches and Fischerspooner) thoroughly modern. "LA Freeway" can make even rush hour on the 405 bearable, and their version of "Up, Up and Away" is more chill than a tub of Calgon. Still, S.R.'s lubricated beats are brightest on cosmic come-ons like "Afternoon Rendez Vous" and "The Flesh is Weak". Clearly the "Seks" prefix is no accident here." (Lina Lecaro)

Stripwax  - Seksu Roba reviewed in cartoon form! 

Jive  - "5 out of 5 Space Ships"

LA Times  - "Like the Beach Boys once did with "Good Vibrations", Seksu Roba moves the theremin out of its B-movie ghetto with its new record Pleasure Vibrations. Part of the synthesizer-obsessed electroclash scene, Seksu Roba creates funky dance pop that's part lush European film score, part intergalactic roller-disco, but it's the quirky magnetic field-powered instrument that puts it in its own class. Sukho Lee, who together with vocalist Lun*na Menoh makes up Seksu Roba, used his violin background to approach the instrument from a more melodic perspective. "I'm not a virtuoso," he says, "but not many people have seen a thereminist, so they usually say, 'Wow you were amazing.' My advantage is there's just not many of us." Seksu Roba also tries to create its own world during performances through Menoh's custom-designed costumes and theatrical stage show. "You could sort of compare it to Parliament Funkadelic," Lee says. 'They had their own whole universe. We're not nearly as elaborate as that, but in our own minds we sort of think that way." (Kevin Bronson)

Phase 9   - "This is space-disco at its best, thanks to Lun*na’s sensual vocals and the tracks overall bizarre sounds... This group is not your average electro group, who just end up producing predictable tunes. There is a lot more going on here..."

"Two electro artists called Seksu Roba — he rocks on the theremin over Ninja Tune style beats while she does a Barbarella pop thing — recently opened for Cinematic Orchestra and left the audience absolutely mesmerized. Korean producer Sukho Lee is a master thereminist, looking completely expressionless and very serious, as if he doesn't want to move his face on stage because it could affect the theremin or something. Meanwhile, Japanese artist, fashion designer, and singer Lun*na Menoh holds us spellbound with her sparkly nunchuck dance and an array of props, wigs, and sexy little homemade spacesuits. Together they craft a fresh, danceable sound, which is captured on their new release Pleasure Vibrations. " (SN)

Prick Mag   - "Listening to Pleasure Vibrations is like coming across pictures from the '50s or '60s that attempt to show what the future would be like."

Perfect Sound Forever Interview   - "When experiencing Seksu Roba’s latest album, Pleasure Vibrations (Eenie Meenie Records), the listener is saturated with lush, throbbing soundscapes, technicolor hallucinations that splash every which way in a dance-obsessed frenzy, futuristic vistas that dare to envision robots and aliens cavorting in harmony."

Indieville   - "Pleasure Vibrations is an enjoyable, interesting, and extremely infectious album... Buy this album, appreciate the glory of Seksu Roba..."

Launch  - "a seductive blend of retro-future Electro pop and eclectic spacey dance music... pulsating sexy and funky grooves..."

Scorebaby  - "The arrangements and production quality have gained a new sophistication without sounding glossed over or generic... Pleasure Vibrations is good clean kinky fun - just the thing for your next 'beautiful mindless orgy.'"

Yolk  - "Seksu Roba's music is like an electro-funk soundtrack to a futuristic wet dream: uniquely personal, sensual, playful, and highly visual."

Spur magazine feature article
 - we are featured in a major famous japanese fashion magazine!  select "world topics" then click on "los angeles".  many pictures even if you don't understand japanese.

Asia Pacific Arts - INTERVIEW "a wonderworld orgy of sonic hedonism."

"If nothing else, a band whose sound is described as “Giorgio Moroder meets Italian disco meets Ennio Morricone” is at least worth investigating, if only just to answer the burning question, “What the hell does a combination like that sound like?” What it sounds like is Seksu Roba, a phrase that’s Japanese for “sex donkey.” (Um, okay.) There’s certainly less Morricone here than there is Moroder, however; this is definitely an album for fans of ‘80s keyboard-oriented dance pop, though it occasionally ventures into disco and even a bit of kitschy-ish lounge (witness the cover of “Up Up and Away,” or, more surreally, the cover of My Bloody Valentine’s “Moon Song”). More often instrumental than vocal in nature, Pleasure Vibrations slips back and forth between dancefloor fun and background music, but, ultimately, it’s an enjoyable listen all around." (Will Harris)

Splendidzine  - "Seksu Roba are a modern refinement of [Stereolab's] hopes and dreams."

Pop Engine  - "Hendrix of the theremin"

Exclaim!  - "Any band willing to cover My Bloody Valentine deserve a certain amount of respect"

LA Weekly: Best Electronic Dance Artist Nomination LA Weekly Music Awards 2003

LA Weekly review of Seksu Roba live

Ursula 1000   - "beautiful synth work. breathtaking melodies.  like barbarella listening to bossa nova composed by moroder and cowley!"

Roger Manning, Jr. (of TV Eyes, Jellyfish, and Moog Cookbook) - "Amazing shit!!!"

Mount Sims  - "MEGA DOPE!"

LTJ Bukem  "not enough people still make music this way"

Sleazenation (#8)   "a retro-futurist space odyssey"

Supersphere    "an alcohol-induced fantasy album perfect for cocktail party-turned-orgy"

Cool and Strange Music    "like Ursula 1000 after an afternoon of watching porno"

Score, Baby!   "tripped out weirdness with a great beat"

XLR8R (#47)    "twisted genius"

Cashiers Du Cinemart (#12)    the party album you've been waiting for"

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